Joseph Cianciotto Speaks On What Makes Craftsman Style Houses One Of A Kind

Joseph Cianciotto Speaks On What Makes Craftsman Style Houses One Of A Kind

Characteristically American, the Craftsman style houses can be seen extensively all across America. Although its architectural styles will take one back to the 1930s, however, once again it is gaining fast popularity among the new generation of the 21st century.

While talking about these houses Joseph Cianciotto  is of the opinion that what makes Craftsman style houses one of a kind lie in their characteristics that demonstrate through triangular and overhanging roofs with exposed beams and rafters, narrowed columns, covered front porch, decorative window panes, and so on. The professional helps one to explore all about this unique style of home.

Craftsman House: Roots

Craftsman style houses were inspired in the late 19th century by the American arts and crafts trend. The the-then art and crafts could be found in the architecture, interior design, and decorative accessories of houses that were built during this phase. The concept originated in California and was named ‘California Bungalow.’

Craftsman House: Characteristics

When it comes to the architecture of Craftsman style houses, it prefers as well as encourages the deployment of local materials. Most of these houses manifest an evident contrast to the Victorian and Gothic revival and any other elaborate home architecture styles that became popular during this era.

Craftsman House: Exterior Features

Typically a Craftsman house demonstrates a low-pitch gable roof with enlarged eaves. In accordance with the crafts, designs, and arts of timber beams and struts are mostly left exposed. Under the elongated eaves, there should typically be a huge front portico lined by hefty, outsized columns. Materials that are used include wood, stone, and stucco for decorative elements.  In general, one will find double-hung windows in craftsman houses.

Craftsman House: Interior Features

Similar to the exterior, the interior of these houses possesses plenty of exposed woodwork that contributes to the beauty of the house and makes it look charming. The layout remains simple and mostly boasts an open plan. Craftsman houses should feature different elements that remain fixed to the walls for example nooks, shelving, as well as window seats.

In addition, there should be provision for a fairly large decorative fireplace for the adornment of the center point of the living area. Akin to the outside, this stylish home typically demands earth-tone colors in the interior such as grays, browns, tans, greens, coppery reds, etc. that make it look sophisticated.

The Evolvement

According to Joseph Cianciotto, although originally the Craftsman style houses had stories of only one or one and a half, they have evolved in order to meet the demand of the new-generation American families. In general, these houses are built with a minimum of 2 stories now. Needless to say, that Craftsman style houses are iconic, charming, and practical and carry a characteristic of American houses. Even though, before the 1900s, these houses got great popularity all over America, however, they went out of style for a couple of decades. Lately, these highly stylish American homes are coming back into vogue with more evolved and updated features.

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