Kanat Sultanbekov – An Insight Into Personal Protective Equipment For Construction Workers

Kanat Sultanbekov – An Insight Into Personal Protective Equipment For Construction Workers

Personal protective equipment is mandatory for keeping workers on a construction site safe and exercising engineering controls to protect themselves against accidents. PPE also ensures workers are not injured when they are working on the site, and employers are under the onus to provide site workers with PPE that meets the American National Standards Institute or ANSI specifications. Employers can also allow their workers to wear their personal PPE kits if they wish to; however, if they provide these kits, they should be in good condition.

Kanat Sultanbekov On The Correct Use Of PPE For Construction Workers

Kanat Sultanbekov is an esteemed construction manager from New York known for his outstanding track record for project completions in time and balancing strategic planning, risk assessments, and operational processes effectively on site. He is known to maintain the highest safety and quality standards when on-site and ensures no errors are made in the tasks, even if they are done for the first time.

 According to him, managers should develop a program for PPE and educate workers about the possible hazards faced on a construction site and how the PPE will protect them. Other factors like how to correctly wear PPE and maintain them should be a part of the program. At the same time, before the worker commences his tasks for the day, he must inspect the PPE before starting work. Employers and managers must educate workers that PPE must be worn on the site daily, and signage around the working zones should be installed so that workers are reminded to wear them.

Wear Hard Hats With PPE To Prevent Serious Accidents On The Site

Along with the PPE, workers should wear hard hats so that flying objects do not strike their heads to cause injuries. These hats also insulate workers against electric shock. The conditions on the sites constantly change, so a good thumb rule is to ensure everyone wears a hard hat for protection.

Follow The Manufacturer’s Instructions On Hard Hats

Workers must abide by the manufacturer’s instructions when adjusting the hard hat’s suspension feature. This suspension must be comfortable and fit securely while working on the site. At the same time, the worker should never stuff anything with the hard hat while on the job, as this will compromise the space between the suspension and the shell.

According to Kanat Sultanbekov, when you want to affix stickers to the hard hats, follow the instructions of the manufacturer first, and do not paint the hat as this will damage its shell. Most manufacturers allow you to affix stickers to the hat, but you should still check their manual for further instructions.

Again, workers can wear some hard hats backward if the suspension allows it. Workers should never wear ball caps under their hard hats. Cooling headwear and winter liners can be used with these hats so long as they can be seated snugly on the head and do not interrupt the suspension bands feature of the hat.

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