Top Tips On Beating Bike Thieves In The City

Top Tips On Beating Bike Thieves In The City

In Sheffield, one might come across bike thieves. These robbers are usually at large in the areas of the city and must be reported to the police. Let’s read the blog to find out more about the ways to beat bike thieves in the jam-packed areas of Sheffield.

There are bike thieves in Sheffield who steal the cycles and derive pleasure by troubling people. These robbers have to be taught a lesson and the law should not take them lightly.

They usually pick up the parked cycles of the people and threaten them. Riders find it difficult to reach different places as their cycles are often stolen by these anti-social elements.

Ways To Prevent Bike Theft

Lock The Cycles

One has to be smarter than the thieves and lock the cycles. It is best to park them at the Sheffield Cycle Stands.

Try the U-locks and the cables for the bikes. These must be tied to a pillar or an iron rod so that the robbers don’t carry the bikes. The back wheel or the frame can be secured.

One could park their cycles indoors and not go to crowded areas.

Make Them Hard To Sell

Many bike thieves rob the cycles and sell them to get some cash. If the cycles are heavy with the decoration and are painted with different colours, these won’t attract any sellers.

People would not buy them because of their unique appearance. Numerous youngsters buy bikes that are simple and cost less. Also, multi-coloured bicycles can be easily recognized by people.

Register With The Authorities

Before buying the bike, one can register with the companies that deal with the sale of stolen bikes in the city. These provide an ID of the bike to the police, theft victims and potential buyers so that they can contact the owners.

Put CCTV Cameras Around The Cycle Stands

One can install CCTV cameras to get footage of the thieves who might steal the bikes. One can identify them and report the incident to the police.

In this way, numerous robbers can be caught red-handed and put behind the bars.

 For example, several riders park their bikes at the Sheffield cycle stands. By putting surveillance cameras, one could track the activities of the thieves and know about their whereabouts.

Summing it up, the above ways can be followed to get the better of the bike thieves. These robbers create chaos and are a nuisance to society. Such anti-social elements must be put behind the jurisdiction and given severe punishment. It is not right to irritate people and bother them without any good reason.

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