You Want Nothing But The Best For Your Newborn

You Want Nothing But The Best For Your Newborn

Picture this, you are a new mother and you can hardly wait to show your cute little bundle of joy off to the world! You know that the answer lies in a newborn photography studio, but not just any studio will do. If you are looking for the best in newborn photography studios, come to Mary Elizabeth photography because we are the best newborn photographer in Irvine, CA.  

About photos of your newborn

Your newborn will only be little once in his or her lifetime, and you want to find a studio whose photographers are adept in capturing the innocence, cuteness, and innate beauty that newborns have – these make the charm which make newborns so irresistible! You will find these types of photographers at Mary Elizabeth photography because our photographers believe that photography is a work of art whose images capture the essence of a subject – who they are and what they represent in life. In the case of your newborn, you want photos which will capture the innocence, loving personality, gentle nature, and charm of your baby, among other qualities. It is these traits which makes people love to be around newborns so much, and photographs of newborns, when taken at the right angle, with the right lighting, and in the right environment are even more appealing and irresistible to people than the actual newborns are!

Why Mary Elizabeth photography?

Our owner and many of our photographers have children of their own. This gives them a natural advantage in terms of taking perfect photographs of newborns because they have knowledge and insight regarding this type of photography from both professional and personal experience.  Additionally, because they are parents themselves, they know exactly what you are looking for in photographs taken of your newborn. Our photographers don’t just create photos of your newborns, they create looks, images, and most importantly, memories and experiences which will last a lifetime and will remain with you even when your newborn is a grown adult!

The photographers at our studio understand that taking photos which capture the wide range of emotions and flowery images which are traditionally associated with newborns is very important and they make sure that they take photos from the right angles which capture the perfect facial  expressions and body language of your newborn which will impress people and have them talking about your kid for weeks, and which you will remember when you are a grandparent! We believe in creating experiences and memories which last through the generations at our studio.

Our photographers bios will impress you

You will also love to hear the fact that our photographers are graduates of the best photography schools in the world. Additionally, like the owner, they have been trained by the best maestros in the photography profession. This ensures that they ‘know what they are doing’ when they take photos of your newborn.  

Now that you know the wonders our studio can work in terms of creating the perfect photos of your newborn which capture his or her essence and emotional self at his or her best, why don’t you give us a call the next time you want professional pictures taken of your newborn?