2 Most Preferred Wedding Venues By Most Brides In Bali

2 Most Preferred Wedding Venues By Most Brides In Bali

Most brides can attest to the beauty that is in exchanging your vows in Bali and most have a preferred wedding venue and package that they believe to have been the best. 2 of the most preferred wedding venues in Bali, that are a common best to most brides in Bali are a Hotel wedding and a Yacht Wedding. Here is why these two are the most preferred for most Brides.

  1. Hotel Wedding


Many people would love to hole their wedding ceremony in the grounds of a 5 start hotel or a luxury resort. Reasons as to why these would be preferred vary from bride to bride but the most common reasons why 5-star hotels and luxury resorts include:

  • A hotel provides you with all the amenities you would need right at your fingerprints. Brides need a lot of things before, during and after the wedding, and because hotels provide a lot of amenities, many brides prefer them.
  • Bali’s high class hotels and resorts are usually located in places of stunning beauty with breathtaking views of the local landscapes, the Indian Ocean or the exotic gardens.
  • 5-star hotels and luxury resorts usually have their own private beaches.

A hotel wedding would therefore give a bride a lot of benefits on her big day as she would have most of the things she needs in one place.

  1. Yacht Wedding


The famous phrase “to swim on the waves of happiness” is literally brought to life by a yacht wedding. The phrase is given meaning as the newlyweds get to on a cruise on the Indian Ocean on a yacht, filled with happiness as a newly wedded couple.

If you love water and the sea breeze, the happiness that you will get from the breeze touching you skin while you are standing next to the love of your life is out of this world. It is immeasurable.

The couple has an option of exchanging their vows or having their Bali wedding ceremony on a yacht as you cruise on the Indian Ocean, or you can opt to have your ceremony on a nearby beach where you can cruise to a nearby island after your vows and get to enjoy a romantic dinner as you watch the sun set.

There is everything to love about a yacht wedding and many brides would love to have this option for their dream wedding.


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