Overview Of European Cities For Art & Culture

Overview Of European Cities For Art & Culture

If you enjoy the arts and culture, travelling in Europe is a joy. Most European countries have a long history of art, music and theatre. Across Europe, it is in the large cities that you normally find the best culture.

Here Is An Overview Of The Top European Cities:-

Florence In Italy

The architecture of the city dates back over 700 years, so walking through Florence is like stepping back in time. Amongst the most beautiful architectural sights are Brunelleschi’s Dome and the Piazza Santa Croce.

Florence is known as the city of the Renaissance. If you want to see the best examples of Italian Renaissance Art in the world visit the Uffizi.

Vienna In Austria

Vienna is another example of a city that has been a centre for the arts for hundreds of years. Going to the opera in Vienna is a joy. The State Opera building is spectacular and is a wonderful venue; you cannot fail to enjoy a performance there. It is also possible to tour the opera house during the day to see how the famous opera company puts on their performances. You get to have a nose around behind the scenes as well as see the front of the house from a different perspective.

The coffee culture in Vienna is also pretty special. Many of the city’s coffee houses are very traditional, lit by chandeliers and decorated in muted browns and creams. It is a great way to enjoy some of the city’s rich pastries and cakes along with a superb cup of coffee.

Cambridge In The UK

The city of spires is a beautiful place. It has a history that stretches back nearly a thousand years. Naturally, it is most famous for its university, which was established in 1209. Today, over 18,000 people attend university every year. You can visit many of the colleges and soak up the culture.

A punting trip along the river is another good way to see the colleges. The Backs stretch runs alongside what are effectively the back gardens of many of the city’s best, and oldest, universities.

Music is important in the city with many of the churches doubling as venues for all kinds of classical music events. There are eight university-run museums in the city all of which are free to enter. A visit to The Arts Theatre is always worthwhile.

Granada In Spain

If you like Moorish culture and art a visit to The Alhambra is a must. Today, the city is home to a unique class of artists and actors. In many of the bars, you will see examples of work by local artists, especially in the medieval quarter around The Alhambra. There are several theatres in the city, which show everything from the classics to modern comedies. Performances are mostly in Spanish, but you can usually find a play in English.

Plan Ahead

Wherever you decide to go, it is important to plan and make arrangements in advance. This is especially the case if you intend to attend an event or performance. It is always wise to book opera and theatre tickets in advance, but that is now easy to do online.

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