Revature Discusses Why Aspiring Software Developers Must Learn GitHub

Revature Discusses Why Aspiring Software Developers Must Learn GitHub

GitHub is a popular coding and collaboration tool that is used by numerous developers across the world. The popularity of this tool especially went up as a large number of developers started to work remotely amidst the Covid-19 crisis, and its prominence is unlikely to go away anytime soon. Today GitHub is one of the most popular resources available worldwide for developers to share code and work on projects together. To learn how to use this tool and get well-acquainted with other important software development skills, aspiring developers can join programs offered by tech talent development companies like Revature.

Revature Discusses The Use Of GitHub And Why Developers Should Learn This Tool

GitHub is an online software development platform widely used for tracking, storing, and even collaborating on software projects. GitHub also serves as a social networking platform where developers can openly pitch their work, discuss, network and collaborate. Ever since its founding, GitHub has acquired millions of users and has managed to establish itself as among the go-to platform for collaborative software projects. This free platform is equipped with a range of helpful features for working with others and sharing code in real time.

There Are Many Reasons Why Teams Of Developers May Use GitHub, Such As:

  • Writing and editing code
  • Experimenting with varied versions of code prior to making any kind of permanent changes
  • Adding comments that other developers may see
  • Tracking changes to code
  • Linking to specific lines of code
  • Performing or taking part in code reviews
  • Safely revert to previous versions of the code

Developers may use it to take part in projects, get involved with the developer community, and so on. As GitHub is used by a number of businesses and developers across the world, choosing to learn this tool can be extremely helpful for any aspiring developer and help them to progress in their career. Such developers may use GitHub as a portfolio to publicly show their code to their peers, and network with industry professionals to increase the odds of getting good referrals and landing a lucrative job. Moreover, choosing to contribute to open-source projects allows aspiring software developers to both practice and hone their skills. Taking part in projects and collaborating with peers can make code better. In most cases, where multiple people are involved in a project, the codes they write tend to be safer, secure and better.

With GitHub, developers also get to make sure that all code and its documentation stay in one place. The platform basically “saves” the code all the time, allowing software developers to revert back to a previous version if they make a mistake. This valuable safety net is highly useful for newbie developers. It is normal to make mistakes at the start of the software development journey. But by practicing on GitHub and gaining the required software development skills through Revature, one can pave the road to success in almost no time. Hence, it is important that all aspiring developers try to learn this tool.

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