Selin Sakarcan – A Step-By-Step Approach To Winning A Job

Selin Sakarcan – A Step-By-Step Approach To Winning A Job

One major factor any hiring manager considers in recruiting people is the applicant’s experience. This is a crucial consideration your clients or the recruiting agencies may make for a personal trainer job. As a physical trainer, you should be able to highlight your experience attractively to win a job. This article will discuss ways to advertise your expertise and expertise as a physical trainer to land a fitness trainer job.

Build A Winning Resume

Any job search starts with a good resume. This is the same step for anyone to reach potential employers. For physical trainers, the summary will determine whether you will get an assignment or not. There are many references available online to make a good resume, which can easily attract the attention of others and impress them at first look. Selin Sakarcan suggests that while building such a resume, you have to make it unique through customization and should focus on reflecting on your experience well to make the reviewers understand what your skills are.

Provide Enough Contact Info In The Resume

While focusing on highlighting your experience and skills, do not forget to include your complete contact information for others to reach out to you. You should include:

  • Your phone number.
  • E-mail ID.
  • Contact info.
  • Other people’s references will testify to your expertise in this field.

You may include links to your online profiles in the resume so that others can refer to your social media pages to get a better understanding of your professional skills.

Have A Sound Business Card

You should have a professionally designed and quality printed business card and a soft copy of the same to be shared online. You may take the assistance of professional designers and printers to get your card done. Even though a business card may not be necessary at the initial stages of your career, having one will help you stand out from others and create a professional impression.

Network With Others

You may establish a professional network with individuals and influencers in the personal training files and related professions. You may also let this network know when you look for a job or a new assignment to get leads. You may also maintain a professional profile online on LinkedIn and reach out to your contacts through this platform. You may never know where it can lead you and what opportunities it can bring forth.

As an add-on tip, Selin Sakarcan also suggests that physical trainers build a social media profile on Instagram and YouTube also, which, if done, will help you to become an influencer all on your own. You may need to research and build relevant, informative content, such as personal training tips or fitness-related videos, which may be helpful to the public. It is important to have an impactful social media reach.

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