The Perks Of Getting Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

The Perks Of Getting Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

If you are a swimming pool owner, remember that getting your pool fenced is necessary, especially if you have children at the property. It can help prevent accidents, and keep everyone safe. Glass pool fences have become quite famous these days for obvious reasons. Apart from giving the much-needed safety, it also aesthetically blends well with all properties- it looks elegant and classy. With these fences, you can increase the pool area’s safety and visual appeal, increasing the property value simultaneously.

Type Of Glass Fences And The Difference Between Them

There are two types of glass fences, the framed and the frameless glass pool fences. The framed fences are secured by stainless steel or aluminium posts throughout their sides and top. This is more aesthetic than traditional metal bar fences.

On the other hand, the frameless panes are made from toughened glass and secured discreetly at the bottom. Due to their appearance, they give the illusion of no fence on the poolside at all. Due to all their benefits, these frameless fences have gained huge popularity among buyers. Some perks of getting these pool fences would include:

Easy Children Supervision

As these fences offer an unobstructed view, keeping an eye on the children becomes easy with these fences. You can easily supervise the children sitting in a corner of the pool, on the deck, or even from inside the house through your window.

It Cannot Be Climbed Easily

Traditional fences had this one issue, wherein children could easily climb them. This is not the case with frameless pool fences made of glass. They are sturdy, but being a smooth surface, even the most adamant climber would find it hard to through it.


The fences are made of strong and sturdy, tempered glass that are 12mm thick and heated to more than 700 degrees C during the production process. This makes the glass strong, so much so that it would not break even if they are dropped on concrete. This means you would not have to worry about the fences being damaged by weather or kids.

Good Investment

Even though it is more expensive than traditional metal fencing for obvious reasons, its cost would soon pay for itself. These DIY pool fencing options are made of strong glasses and can be customized according to your property decor. They also require less maintenance and would also last for a long time.

Apart from these, there are several other benefits of these frameless fences. It gives your pool a stylish look and makes your yard look much bigger. It would let you enjoy your whole backyard, as it appears to be practically invisible. Being resistant to pool chemicals, they are safe and work as a great windbreak too.

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