Environmental Friendly Wooden Floors

Environmental Friendly Wooden Floors

If you would like a wooden floor but are worried about the impact on the environment this page is for you. Here we quickly explain the best ways to ensure that the floors you have in your home or business premises have good green credentials.

Restore Your Existing Floors

If you already have wooden floors, consider restoring them. This is the most eco-friendly option. Most solid wood floors can be sanded down and refinished. If your existing floor planks are too wide you can potentially have them cut down to give you another look. This is not always possible, but a good floor firm will have the right equipment to do it for you provided it is possible with the type of wood you have in your home or commercial premises.

Reclaimed, Antique And Aged Wooden Floors

The next greenest option is to buy a wooden floor that has been used elsewhere. Wood is a hard-wearing material that will literally last for hundreds of years. Across the world, there are wooden floors in daily use that are over 500 years old. You find these floors in historical buildings and churches. They look great despite having withstood hundreds of years of use.

Over the years the old wood has shrunk as much as it is ever going to. All you need to do is to have it refinished to end up with a wonderful floor that will look perfect for decades to come. There is plenty of this type of wood flooring available at Victorian woodworks.

Sustainably Produced Wood

If you really want to use new wood you can still do so in an eco-friendly way. All you need to do is to look for wood that has been produced in a sustainable way. It is relatively easy to buy wood from firms that plant a new tree for every one they cut down.

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