What Are The Complications With Mitral Regurgitation

What Are The Complications With Mitral Regurgitation

Mitral Valve Regurgitation is a very serious heart condition. There is a particular portion in a human heart that we call the Mitral valve. When this portion gets damaged we name it Mitral Valve Regurgitation. This Valve has a very specific and important role to play in our hearts. It improves the blood flow and helps to spread it in the entire heart. So basically this controls the blood flow in our heart and damage to this valve can impact the normal blood flow in the human’s heart. When someone gets diagnosed with this condition their heart becomes less functional and sometimes unable to keep the blood flow normally. There are some highly serious complications that are associated with this condition, such as

Heart Failure- Heart failure occurs when the heart stops pumping enough blood. And this risk is associated with this condition called Mitral Regurgitation. In this condition, the blood flow in the heart gets badly impacted. As some blood gets leaked from the damaged valves so our heart has to put more effort to get the needed blood. And when this condition remains untreated the heart becomes weaker and as a result, people end up having heart failure.

Infections- A damaged mitral valve can bring a lot of serious trouble to our hearts. A leaky damaged valve can cause serious bacterial infections where people experience breathing difficulty, chest pain, fatigue and a feeling of restlessness. Although this condition could be treated with the right medications and surgeries, it could become a serious threat if it remains undiagnosed and untreated.

Stroke- This is the most fearful yet common heart issue. The dangerous fact about this condition is that it doesn’t give people enough time to receive treatments. According to heart specialists, Mitral Regurgitation is a major risk factor here. This can affect the atria of one’s heart and as a result, people develop the risk of having a serious condition called a heart attack or stroke.

High Blood Pressure- A damaged mitral valve can make one’s heart exhausted and in such cases, people’s heart has to stay overactive in order to keep the functionality normal. And this impacts one’s blood pressure level directly. It can cause high blood pressure which is quite a serious issue for human’s health. It can invite even more serious illness if it remains untreated.

Breathing Difficulty- People with an impaired valve often suffer from shortness of breathing. We call it Dyspnea. They often face difficulty in breathing while carrying something or getting engaged in their regular activities. Also, this impacts their everyday functions. They feel exhausted while carrying weight or while walking.

These all are major complications of Mitral valve Regurgitation. So this is the high time when we should pay more attention to our hearts and go for regular heart check-ups. This is the only way to keep our hearts forever young.

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