Evan Bass Men’s Clinic Focuses On What Low T Is, Its Impact On Men and Solutions

Evan Bass Men’s Clinic Focuses On What Low T Is, Its Impact On Men and Solutions

Testosterone is a sex hormone chiefly associated with men. Females possess it in a very little amount. The hormone takes care of certain vital functions in men which include

  • Developing and reinforcing bone density and muscle mass
  • Growth of facial and body hair, contributing to male voice
  • Assisting in building sex organs
  • Male appearance
  • Increase in sex drive and
  • Sperm production

The production of testosterone levels declines as the men get older. The decline begins more or less from their 30s. However, if it goes down below the normal count depending on the age, as they should possess, the condition is defined as low testosterone. While reiterating the report of the American Urology Association, the chief physician of Evan Bass Men’s Clinic states that nearly 2% of men experience Low T.

Symptoms of Low T in males

The most common symptoms of low testosterone are stated below:

Reduced bone density

Testosterone plays a major role in producing bone tissue and maintaining its volume. Low testosterone causes a decrease in the volume and density which make the bones vulnerable to fractures.

Lessened muscle mass

Testosterone helps develop muscle mass and makes them enduring while lessened T can lead to substantial loss of muscle mass.

Decrease in energy level

Low testosterone levels can result in a reduced amount of energy with increased fatigue. Men with low T feel exhausted even after having sufficient rest.

Lower sex drive

Men who live their life with low T mostly experience a noteworthy drop in their urge for getting intimate with their partner. While lessening physical desire is quite natural with aging, having a lower amount of testosterone than desired level will make a man unwilling for having sex at any age.

Some specific Symptoms of Low T in males

Males also experience some specific symptoms caused by low testosterone levels.

Erectile Dysfunction

Men with low testosterone may experience difficulty achieving or maintaining erections. Also, people with high testosterone levels experience ED and low libido.

In fact, testosterone is responsible to arouse the penile tissues in order to generate nitric oxide while an imbalance of testosterone leads to an erection problem. If the hormone level is too low or too high, a man may not be able to get an erection.

According to the experts of Evan Bass Men’s Clinic that apart from low T, a host of factors can be responsible for ED. These include stress, anxiety, diabetes, over-smoking, thyroid-related problems, consumption of alcohol, hypertension, etc.

Reduction in the amount of semen

Semen is basically the fluid that males ejaculate during physical intimacywith their partner. The fluid assists the sperm to move forward to the egg. Since testosterone helps encourage semen production, its reduced volume is a sign of low T. This can also cause infertility issues.

Lessening in testicle size

Males with Low T may find a reduction in their testicle size, which has got no relation with cold temperatures.

Causes Of Low Testosterone Levels

Low testosterone medically termed hypogonadism is a condition in which the testicles produce a much lower amount or even no at any age. The causes which may lead to hypogonadism include:

  • Injury or infection in the testis
  • Chemotherapy for treating cancer
  • A disease of the pituitary gland or other hormonal disorders
  • Genetic conditions like Klinefelter syndrome
  • Drug or alcohol abuse


As of today, testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) has become highly popular for its effectiveness to bring the right balance in testosterone levels. In general, physicians typically prescribe TRT if it is found in the blood test that there is a deficiency in testosterone count. Multiple methods are followed to administer TRT.

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