How To Choose A Wooden Worktop For Your Kitchen?

How To Choose A Wooden Worktop For Your Kitchen?

Wooden worktops will work well within almost any type of kitchen, from those in a traditional style right through the more modern. No matter whether you have a cosy kitchen or  a sprawling, open-plan space, there is a good chance that a material such as solid wood will work for you. 

Installing wooden fixtures in your kitchen is like saying you plan to paint the walls: there will be many different options to choose from, each creating a specific end result. Whilst looking at the colour, strength and durability of a wood will be a great starting place, each will have its own very specific set of attributes that may make them more or less suitable for your own needs. So which will be right for you?

For most people, a common option will be oak. Not only is it strong and durable option but looks good and can be found in a range of different shades to accommodate almost any colour scheme.

Oak provides the perfect finishing touch to any kitchen, and can look appealing set amongst more modern additions, such as stainless steel. Whilst oak remains the most popular, it is far from the only option. Those who want a highly polished look in a very modern setting may benefit from choosing walnut, whilst those who want a kitchen that is as resistant to the elements as possible may favour the irregular grain of iroko.

Making the choice

There is no point rushing in and choosing a more obscure wood simply to be different. Instead, it will be important to weigh up the benefits of each before committing. After all, not only will different options look different and have their own pros and cons associated with them, but the cost of each may vary significantly. 

The first thing to think about before making your choice is your budget. From here, you will need to take strength and durability into consideration. If your kitchen is one that is mostly for show and socialising then a softer wood may be a fine option. However, if you plan to do a great deal of cooking and will be using your worktops a huge amount for a wide array of different purposes then you will almost certainly want something that has the strength of oak or walnut.

Finally, think about colour and grain. If you want a light worktop with a very regular grain, the best options are likely to be oak However, those looking for dark surfaces with irregular grains may well want to look elsewhere. 

Ultimately, there is no easy answer when asking which type of wood will be the best one for worktops. Instead, your own sense of style, your own budget, your own surroundings and exactly what you want to get out of your kitchen will all come into play and will mean that every single person’s needs are likely to be different.

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