Erik Mogensen Colorado – What Every Ski Beginner Needs To Remember

Erik Mogensen Colorado – What Every Ski Beginner Needs To Remember

Skiing is a glamorous sport. It does not only allow people to challenge their fitness, but it also allows people to look cute on social media as well. Who does not want to post high-resolution ski photos on social media handles? Nothing gets more views than amazing images of snow-capped mountains and people skiing down the slopes. However, it may seem too glamorous but people, especially beginners, need to remember a few facts properly.

Erik Mogensen Colorado On Beginners

Every beginner comes to skiing with a dreamy expectations. Some just want to have a good time. Some want to post amazing images on social media. A few people want to take up skiing as a professional sport. Coach Erik Mogensen Colorado says that regardless of the objective, people need to remember a few essential facts when coming to ski.

The first thing which no one considers is the amount of hard work one needs to put in to learn skiing. People usually think that it is easy to ski down the slopes. But the truth is one needs to put in extreme physical effort to learn to ski. It is a demanding sport that needs high physical agility. One needs to build this to succeed in skiing. Also, one does not consider the amount of time one needs to properly develop skiing skills. People must be aware of these before entering a skiing trip, says Erik. Having a realistic goal helps in many ways.

Rookie Mistakes To Avoid

There are some rookie mistakes that a lot of people make. Erik says that these mistakes can lead to mild to serious consequences if not taken care of properly.

Not Using Sunscreen

One will be surprised to know that some people simply forget that they are going to encounter harsh sun rays when they go up the mountain. Yes, it is going to be cold, very cold in fact. But the sun will be there up in the sky. Therefore, one will need sunblock cream to protect the skin from getting suntan. Many forget this and don’t use sunscreen. It is a rookie mistake that can cause serious sunburn if not rectified.

Wearing Too Many Clothes

It is going to be cold up on the mountain. However, one needs to remember that skiing needs extreme physical engagement. One will have to engage both physically and emotionally. Wearing too many clothes is going to make one sweaty within a short time. Skiing leads to high energy burn. Therefore, one gets warm easily. Therefore, it is better to pick a jacket that will keep one warm and protected from cold wind.

Not Paying Attention To Trail Maps

A ski trip is going to take people to many beautiful turns. It is very easy to get overwhelmed by the scenic beauty and go where one wants to. But the problem is – most of the ski lifts shuts down at 4 pm. Therefore, ignoring the trail map may cost one highly. Coach Erik Mogensen Colorado says that one may have to pay high bus or taxi fares while coming back to the ski resort. So, it is important to be careful up on the mountain.

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